Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This 'n that

The last couple of weeks have been sighs of relief for us here in New Babyland. Right around 11 weeks, the little girl put herself on a schedule of sorts. We finally figured out her "I'm tired and on my way to overtired" signs and are better at getting her down for naps, so she's actually sleeping longer during the day and at night. And as long as we don't try to keep her up too much, she isn't the mysterious, cranky baby we so often knew those first few weeks.

This has allowed a sense of normalcy to take over the house. I feel like I know what is coming next, and that I have the tools to deal with it. I look forward to her waking up from naps, as this means she'll be calm and coo-ey, happy to see us. I know she won't be upset about nursing if I get her when she's still a little groggy from the nap, and we can enjoy some cozy time together. Putting her to bed early (around 7:30) allows S and I to have some us-time before going to sleep; previously, we just had her with us until I went to bed. Best of all, lately she's only been getting up once per night and sleeping until 6:00. Heaven, I tell you.

Perhaps due to the rested feeling that I am privy to these days, I'm actually interested in dressing the baby. Like, I think ahead of time what I'll put her in, and I spend time browsing online for little outfits that she doesn't need. Never. did. I. think I would be interested in baby clothes! It's like I transferred my love for shoes and intermittent interest in my own wardrobe to this little nymph who will look back on her photos of this period with little interest.

It's not always coasting, of course. There were a good 10 days or so where she was on a self-imposed nursing strike and wanted the bottle. If she was tired or really hungry, she'd scream if I offered her the boob. So, I spent a lot of time enslaved to the pump while S fed her. This phase has mostly passed, which is nice. Nursing is just so much easier.

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