Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Where's My Mac 'n Cheese?!

I gotta say that after I got past the first 12 weeks or so, pregnancy has been pretty awesome. The baby is so active I would swear she's auditioning for Cats. Yesterday, the doctor told me I have "the glow"--yay! Male in a position of authority telling me I look good! And it's wonderful for who is someone all-too-familiar with insomnia to be able to lie down at night and know that I'll sleep as long as I want.

I appreciate the doc's "glow" comment, of course, and his compliment about my lab work ("Your levels are excellent! Pregnancy agrees with you!"). But as usual, he had a tiny bone to pick. The 28-week glucose test came back marginally high. I failed by two points. Damn, I hate failing tests.

Fortunately, since it was so marginal, he won't make me do the really awful three-hour fasting one; he's giving me a second chance at the one-hour non-fasting test. I suppose I could make an effort to just eat better starting now, but aside from cutting out juice--the only sweetened drink I enjoy--I haven't adopted any significant changes.  It's kind of hard when it's the holidays, and when my relationship with food these days is akin to Liz Lemon's.

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